Questions from a Constituent

Dear Jeff,

I’ve lived in Brunswick for almost 3 years and I love this town. I love how the community comes together when disaster strikes (i.e. house fires) and all of the events that take place. However I do have some concerns that I would like to know how you will address. First…we have a lot of empty spaces downtown that have been sitting there for a long time without tenants. What do you hope can be done to bring new businesses in and possibly give incentives to the owners of those businesses to rent?

Second…..There are a number of “track” houses in the town that are well known as places for buying and using heroin and other drugs. Do you plan on tackling this problem and making it harder for these places to exist? Possibly going after the landlords? This makes the likelihood of businesses coming in less. These are my top concerns for this town. I see the potential this town has and want to see it succeed for those who have lived here for years and for those who are to come. Thank you for your time.


Dear Citizen,

I agree, our community always comes together when disaster strikes, always has.  The empty stores in our downtown area have been vacant for quite awhile.  The council heard from a consulting firm at the suggestion of the Main Street group about a 6- 8 months ago.. The presentation was very informative and enlightening., expressing and demonstrating how we can attract businesses to our downtown, how to persuade property owners to fix up their property with tax incentives etc that the city can assist in.  All of these things are great ideas for us and we need to continue to move in that direction. We are beginning to move ahead, but it does take time to see results. We need to start putting important issues such as this ahead of the trying small issues. Our downtown district, our image and what we have to offer are important to us all.  As you know, the city is currently seeking tax incentive programs to help current business owners and hopefully new owners to invest in our downtown. I will work to continue towards these goals as your Mayor, if not as your Mayor, as your council member. I see the need for our Main Street, EDC and the city to move in the same direction, setting a goal as a group and to work towards the goal together.
As for the drug issues your stated,

Yes, I do want the drug issues addressed and to keep our town safe, but as I stated before. this is a police matter and I would not want to speak about on line.
Hope this helps and thank you for your concern for our town.  I am always willing to speak in person to you as I do not like to discuss city business on line. Thoughts, ideas, comments are always twisted and turned. It becomes a never ending battle back forth.

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