Here are some more things I will do as Mayor:

  1. Governance by Mayor and Council:
  • As Mayor, I will keep Council members engaged and always keep them abreast of city business.
  1. City Administrator:
  • The most qualified candidate will be selected.
  • Preference would be for a Frederick County resident, but qualifications and demonstrated performance will guide the deliberation and selection.
  1. Committees:
  • Finance and Utilities committees will be reinstated.
  • Ad hoc committees will used as needed to address specific issues and projects (more citizen input).
  1. Mayor and Council meetings:
  • These meetings will be held at least twice monthly (2nd and 4th Tuesdays). This has been the practice for decades.
  1. Full time vs. part time Mayor:
  • The involvement of Council members, the hiring of a highly qualified City Administrator, the reinstitution of the Finance and Utilities committees will make a more effective, efficient government.
  1. Department Heads – Supervisors:
  • These senior appointment individuals will be invited to attend and participate in the Mayor and Council meetings. This was the practice during several previous city administrations. Dept. heads are a valuable resource for elected officials during Mayor and Council deliberations.

My goals in my first 100 days as Mayor of Brunswick:


  1. Recruit a new city administrator.
  2. Re-establish the Finance Committee with appointment of citizen representation.
  3. Re-establish a Utilities Committee with appointment of citizen representation.
  4. Invite city department heads to attend Mayor and Council meetings and report on their departments (at least once per month). Our department heads work very hard and this is their way to shine.
  5. Establish a downtown task force.  This committee would help alongside the Main Street organization, helping provide new ideas and encouraging more citizen involvement. Help make volunteers feel welcomed and needed.
  6. Make City Hall more citizen friendly and welcoming.  Boost city staff morale.